Rules of Conduct

1. Have fun without disrupting the fun of others.
The most important rule of all. As long as common sense is used, you're allowed to do relatively anything.
Don't purposefully bother people unless both you and the other party agree that it is acceptable.
If the other party asks you to stop, you are required to stop. This is by no means exhaustive.
There are other situations that may not be explicitly stated that will result in a ban.

2. Treat others with respect.
You should treat every person, including Guests, Members, and Admins, with respect.
In the case of Admins, respect their judgement, as well. They were made an Admin for a reason and don't need someone doubting their reasoning or capabilities.

The following ranks and jobs have access to admin;

High Councillor | Council | Predator Division | Order Leaders | Event Organisers | Instructors

Instructors and Order Leaders only have access to admin on the Event Server.

Being disrespectful may result in one of the following: a warning, demotion, an exile from the clan, or a ban from the forum and server.

3. Act appropriately.
Inappropriate conduct includes: renaming yourself, begging for things such as powers or trainings, demoting yourself, spamming, and/or doing things that bother other people.
This is by no means exhaustive. There are other situations that may not be explicitly stated that will result in a ban.

4. No advertising.
You are not allowed to share the IP address of other servers or website addresses on the forums or on the server.
Punishment for breaking this rule will result in a silence on the server and/or the removal of your message on the forum.

only exception to this rule is when giving the IP of the server where a clan meeting is being held to the appropriate members.

You are not allowed to be in another clan while being a member of EFF.
Members of EFF may not join any other clans.
Punishment for breaking this rule will result in an exile from the clan.

6. Once you have been exiled from the clan, you will not be able to rejoin.
If you left EFF in good standing and gave us a reasonable explanation, then you may re-apply. However, it will not be as easy as the first time.
If you were
removed from the roster due to unreported inactivity read: Post-Inactivity Rejoining Rules.

7. English is preferred.
Using other languages may result in a penalty due to the fact that we will not be able to moderate properly if other languages are used.
Messages in other languages are considered as spam, and therefore, will be treated as such.
Admins may or may not enforce this rule. However, if they choose to do so, you are required to listen.

8. You are fully responsible for anyone playing on your computer.
If you are a member in EFF who has siblings or friends that also play JA on the same computer, you are entirely responsible for their actions.
For example, if they were to break any of our rules, the responsibility and consequences would be placed upon
The reason for that is because we would be unable to determine whether or not it was you that broke the rule(s).

In-Game Rules

1. Do not lame.
The term laming refers to the action of attacking players not prepared to fight with you.
Attacking players who are chatting, attacking players before they get a chance to bow in a duel, attacking players with your saber that are in the middle of a melee duel, and abusing special powers on players are all also considered laming.

2. You are required to use the name that you used in your application for your entire duration in EFF.
The reason why you may not use a different name is because admins will need to know who you are at all times.
You may change your name only for a short duration, as long as you keep your EFF tags on. It is mandatory that you change back to your correct name when asked to do so.
Hiding under an alias or lying to admins about who you are will lead to severe consequences.

3. You are required to wear your EFF clan tags on every server.
EFF clan tags are ┬╗|EFF|┬źName|RANK|.
You are allowed to modify the colors of your clan tag.
You may also use the tags
eff.Name.RANK instead.
The only scenario in which wearing no rank is allowed is when you are in the process of your post-inactivity trial.

4. You are to respect the rules and players while on other servers.
When you are playing on other servers, you should act with kindness, be polite, have patience, and respect all other players regardless of how they act.
Keep in mind that you are
representing EFF while on other servers. Tarnishing the EFF name and failing to abide by this rule will result in harsh punishment.

5. You may not share the clan password with anyone else, including clan members.
The only people who may do this are the High Councillors, Councillors, and the Head Caretaker.
You may always check what the current clan password is here.
In addition, you are not allowed to use any auto-login settings. It allows other remote console admins to see what you typed, which leaks the password. Therefore, it is not allowed.

Do not interrupt members while they are making a video.
Failing to follow this rule may result in being slept and/or teleported to another location.
Continuous failure will result in a
kick from the server.

Forum Rules

1. Do not spam or post spam outside of the Spam Section.
Being unable to follow this rule will result in the post being deleted and/or other consequences.

2. Do not spam reputation points. You are only allowed to give reputation points to another user once a day..
Being unable to follow this rule will result in warning and negative points to your reputation.

3. Do not use pornographic content as your forum avatar, post pornographic content, or post links to pornographic content.
Neglecting to follow this rule will result in the deletion of the post and more dire repercussions.

4. It is essential that you visit the forum at least once per week.
The reason for that is due to the fact that you will need to be up to date on important changes such as changes to the clan password, changes to ranks, new skins & maps, and for contact reasons.

5. Discrimination, harassment, hate, bigotry, and/or recruiting people to other clans will not be tolerated.

6. Respect must be given at all times.
Insulting another member because they share a different opinion than that of your own may result in a ban, without warning, for a varying degree of time.

7. Read the application rules before making one.
Filling out an application incorrectly will result in the application being closed immediately.
It is recommended to include anyadditional information you have in your application as it would help us learn more about you.

Application rules are located here.

8. It is vital that you use your real email address on your forum account.
You need to have a valid email address in order to receive the verification email which is the only way to continue with your registration process.
Additionally, we may send something to your email address that could contain confidential contentsthat may not be intended to be read by other people.

9. If you have been banned from the forums, you are not permitted to create another account.
If you decide to create another account, it will be banned or deleted as well.