How to join EFF

To join EFF you will need to make an application. The first thing you should think of is how active you are, and if it turns out that you rarely play then we recommend not to apply. Secondly, you can't make an application for EFF if you're already in another clan.
An application has to be posted in the section on our forum named "Applications". A preset formular has to be followed which must be filled out in order for your application to be valid. (application formular)
Once you fill the application formular and post it you must wait for a post from our Caretakers (Caretaker List) they will inform you when your trial begins or in other words when you can wear

What we require from someone who wishes to become an EFF member:

- Active on forum and server
- Mature and Respectful
- At least 13 years old
- Able to communicate in English
- Follow our site and server rules.
- Have a valid and confirmed e-mail adress

What isn't important in your trial:
- Fighting skills
- Knowledge about Star Wars

Things you should remember
[font = Helvetica]- Until you are accepted, you won't be able to wear full »|EFF|« tags. As a recruit you should wear (EFF) tag.
- The trial lasts for at least one week.
If you are polite and active you will probably get accepted just after the preset time passes, however if you are hardly seen on the server or inactive on the forum this period can last much longer.

- You must be active on both forum and server to get accepted.
To be accepted, you will have to be in 'Registered users' group on the forum. You will receive it automatically for writing at least 15 messages/posts on forum and been registered for 7 days. Please note that the Spam section of the forum doesn't count in the 15 posts.

- The only people who can accept your application are Councillors and theHead Caretaker.
Many times our members make jokes like "I'm a jedi and you want to join siths? DENIED!". You shouldn't take it seriously, as this is purely said in a joking manner.

Important messages you will receive
"Accepted" means you are now part of Elite fighters of the Force!
"Delayed" means your application is frozen untill you can be active again (it is only used when you informed admins about your inactivity; if you want to restart your trial period after such inactivity just write a post in your application)
"Denied" means you are allowed to make another application after the period specified in your application.
"Declined" means your application was not accepted and you are NOT ALLOWED to make another one.

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