Council (Job Leader: Poposex):
The first and most important responsibility of the council is to make sure that everything runs smoothly within EFF. They watch over the jobs, appoint good Job Leaders and jump in to help whenever necessary. The council is also tasked with the duty to maintain peace within EFF. If anything seems to go wrong or when people have a problem, the council should do something about it. The server and forum is under their control so that is also included in their responsibilities. If members have any requests for change, the council must discuss this and evaluate the feasibility. If the suggestion is feasible, it might become reality. In the end the council is responsible for everything EFF related, but it is impossible for them to do everything themselves.

Department of Defense (Councillor: Vectrum / Job Leader: Poposex)
They are hand picked by the Council, with the help of the Head Predator. For their recruitment a trial is often used. They are the "Police Department" of EFF, they guard our server to keep peace and safety, catch trolls, lamers, rule breakers. Their duty is also to hunt multiclanners, so for that purpose they may go on other servers, using alias or with real name. In that purpose they should establish good relations with other clans, and checking overall opinion for EFF clan. They also use alias on the server, obligated to keep the server safe, they can interfere in inner clan relations helping members solve an argue. Their area of responsibility is secret. Head Predator is the leader of Predators. His duty is to fire and recruit new members, announce warnings/demotions, overwatch Predators, helps/guides them, motivates them to work, help Predators in "hard" situations.

Department of Recruiting (Councillor: wook / Job Leader: Poposex)
Caretakers duty is to help recruit (introduce them to EFF, explain them rules, train them if needed) and make reports about recruits. Caretakers are mature members in EFF, helpful, cheerful. They're watched over by their leader, the Head Caretaker. Head Carekater duty is to coordinate Caretakers, assign them tasks, teach them, fires inactive ones and recruit new ones, accept Recruits based on reports made by Caretakers. His responsibility is also to decide what to do with people who reapplied/rejoined in EFF.

Department Of Combat (Councillor: Kinetic / Job Leader: teh // shox)
Promoter are members with an exceptional skill set and good judging skills. Their duty is to test our members in order to see if the member is suited for the rank he's being tested for, also they test "judging skills" of future promoters. Their leader is Head Promoter. His duty is to coordinate Promoters, removes inactive ones and recruits new one, confirm Elite promotions and attend them, maintain Promoter forum section.

OOrder LLeaders:
Order Leaders are picked by our members. We use a voting system, that means the members vote for one candidate who will be suited as an Order Leader in their opinion. Order Leaders' duty is to organize order based events, organize forum mini games, host the biggest order based event Jedi vs Sith, confirm members transfer to another order (Jedi/Sith) and arrange training. Their duty is also to test the members who replied in order to see if they have the requirements for their old rank. Their work is supervised by the Council, who can remove them from their service if they're inactive or not doing their job.

Instructors are skilled fighters, dedicated to help out fellow EFF members in their endeavors such as: climbing the rank ladder, earning medals and developing their overall skills in jedi academy. Different instructors cover different fields. They must organize regularly training sessions on specific topics.Head Instructor's duties are to overwatch the work of instructors, assign them new tasks, teach them glitches/tricks needed for skill award challenges, maintain instructor roster(adding/removing job members).

Department of Administration (Councillor: Poposex / Job Leader: Hawk)
Wiki Team:
Wiki editors' duty is to maintain EFF Wiki (update pages, correct grammar mistakes). Their duty is also to lock/move/merge topics if needed. Head Wiki Editor is the leader of Wiki Team members. His duty is to coordinate Wiki Editors, remove inactive ones and recruit new ones, assign tasks, removes members from Usergroups when they leave, updates members profile pictures, organises inactivity sweeps with the help of Predators.

Department of Support (Councillor: R4chet / Job Leader: Rikudou Sennin)

Event Organizers:
Event Organizers are responsible for scheduling, leading and documenting (posting) events. It's their duty to let have people fun either with spontaneous events or with a smooth and correctly exercised FoM (scheduled event). An Event Organizer should always try to be at the best behaviour as he is representing the Clan inside as well as outside of an event. Head Event Organizers duty is to keep an eye on the Event Organizers and their work. Accepting or denying app's and maintaining EO roster (adding/removing Job members).

Creative Minds:
Creative Minds are recruited from members with graphical and programming skills. Creative Minds main duty is to make signatures, avatars, userbars, game models, skins, video edits and streaming. They fulfill other members' requests. They are also responsible for creating roster images and forum banners. Moreover, Creative Minds organize various contests, like Best Avatar/Signature, Banners for special occasions, etc. Head Creator is in charge of the Job. He/She manages the recruitment of new Creative Minds and can reward the most active Job members. Head Creator overlooks the graphical content of the forum.