Downloads Information

This page shows the majority of mods used by us.
Skinpacks, maps and also utilities and tools are listed below.

On this page you can find many of the
maps and skins used by EFF, you will also find a download link for JA++

If this is your first time installing Jedi Academy modifications there is a brief explanation below;

Firstly, all Jedi Academy modifications come as PK3 files, these are essential zip files, you do not need to modify them.
Simply copy or move these files into your
Jedi Academy base folder.
Your base folder is usually in one of two places.

For CD installations your base folder is usually located at;

C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

For Steam installations your base folder is usually located at;
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Academy\GameData\base

Simply place any PK3 file into this folder to have it work, if you have JA++ installed you can optionally place PK3 files into your japlus* folder
*Note that installing any modifications in your japlus folder will only allow these mods to work when you are running JA+ or JA++

Important Downloads

If you're new to Jedi Academy or have reinstalled you will probably need the official Jedi Academy Patch.
This will fix bugs that were present in the original release and allow you to connect to multiplayer servers. (
Steam users ignore this)

The EFF Server uses the JA+ modification, but you can use JA+ or JA++ client side, both will work on our servers.
This adds some extra features like the grapple hook and RGB saber colours, along with many other useful things.
You can download JA++ from it's unOfficial Site.
You can download JA+ here.

We also have our own instructions on how to install JA++ here and a Comprehensive Guide.

The EFF Skinpack
EFF has a custom skinpack, if you visit the server often and want to see what unique garments and looks our members have then this is a must.
We are proud to present the EFF Skinpack V15.
You can also download the EFF Skinpack + which has the skins of older, inactive members.
Remember you shouldn't use other members skins, only your own.
If permission is given you may wear others skins for brief periods.

Server Hosted Files in Dropbox
Server Hosted files so that you are not caught out when admin decides to suddenly change setting/map.
Game Server Files +

Something that some players find useful is an optional program called Ultra Utility.
This allows you to track your kills, minimise the game and control music from inside Jedi Academy.
You will need to download Beta 16 and then patch this into Beta 17 to fix many of the bugs.
It should be running in the background when you launch Jedi Academy.
It will not work with the Steam version. You can grab Ultra Utility here.

The EFF Mappack
EFF has an it's own mappack. If you play on our server, then we advise you to download our mappack, so you can play on all of our custom maps used on our server.
Download it here: EFF_Mappack